Thursday, April 21, 2011

Embrace the Camera: 4/21/11

Big Sis & Little Bro

Sometimes a couple of hours can feel like days or weeks. In those times, all you wish for is for time to slow down and nearly stop. Yet, after that time has passed you realize that you really did have a fun time while it lasted. This brings me to today's Embrace the Camera…

It’s been 2 weeks since Mike's sister Sonja visited us here in California. It was so exciting for all of us…7 long years since the last time we all saw each other. She still looks exactly the same, as if time had never passed.

with Zeller's siblings... Sonja, Michael, Me and Joseph... 9/24/2004 
thats is the first time for a long time the 3 of them got picture together again... 
It makes our special day more special...

Shopping and introducing Sonja to more Filipino food was the main plan for Mike. 

Little bro & Big Sis

He wanted his sister to have her 1st adventure at Forever21… that’s a big thing… she doesn’t shop in bright light stores. Yet, we had a blast and we bought her nice clothes and accessories. She even wore the hat and the jacket right away.

yummy dishes

2nd plan, Jeepney Asian Grill… we knew she loved the “Pansit” from our wedding and Mike said there isn't much Filipino restaurants in Seattle. Great food with live band is a great combination. A night that you wish would never end…

yum... glad she enjoy it :)

Little Bro was so happy to able to do that for his big sis…she has always taken time to see Mike when he flies to Seattle for work. He just wanted to give back in return.

Famous Halo Halo dessert in the Philippines

I grew up in a tight knit family…which makes me fill with excitement to have the kids meet their aunt for the first time. All we could do islaugh and giggle as we shared our short time together, even the kids began fighting for her attention...especially when little bro, Mike takes the stage. Hehehe... priceless!

Little Bro with Big Sis & Big Bro with Little Sis

I know my kids will always remember spending time with Sonja. Even now Daniel will say… “I met my Dad’s big sister”… no more, “I didn’t know you had a big sister, Daddy."

Giving your time when you have such a busy day is the best thing you can do to show how important a person is in your life. There will be another fun day with Sonja some day, we just hope it will be sooner than later... and I hope the Zeller family will visit her by that time too. J

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  1. Love the pictures, it really takes you back. Great memories you've captured. :)