Thursday, November 18, 2010

Embrace the Camera: 11/18

Fun Night with KINECT...

Its is nice to have a fun day after having a crazy week... I don't even want to start talking about the crazy week... it make me tired by just thinking about it... LOL...
Since my husband Michael found out that Xbox 360 will have a new accessories that can sense your body movement without using a controller... he never stop saying I want one... that’s so cool... kids will enjoy it... blah blah blah blah... yah right for the kids... are you sure its for them? or its you toy again? that’s what in my mind every time he bring it up... but I was wrong... they day finally arrived... KINECT is out in the market and now is in Zeller's residence... hehehe... the pics totally shows that its not just him enjoy it but the whole family... he was definitely happy that it arrives before my youngest sister go back to Philippines... he really want her to try it out and enjoy it and she did...
It was totally a fun night for us... playing Kinect while trying out to make red velvet cake... YAP making cake with my sisters… our sisters adventures turning out good... hope it continues... but first we need to be on top making all the business side ready... hehehe for sure I will be here to share it all :)  
can you tell Daddy having fun with kids
aunty's with kids

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Embrace the Camera 11-11: Big 5

Where the time goes...

My little man Daniel turns 5 last Nov. 8... We did gave him a picnic birthday party at Sunday because his birthday landed on Monday... everything turn out great... weather cooperate, wishes been granted and most important family and friends are there... 1st he got his party, 2nd he wants robot, car, plane, rocket, etc. as his cake. He can’t decide what he really want for his cake so we made it as he picture it in his mind… and last but not the least his pillow pet... YES pillow pet… that’s what we end up getting him because his been asking for it for several months... he even want to get one for his little sister right away… “Mommy, Mikah wants pillow pet too”… what a sweet big brother… my baby is not a baby any more... HE is big boy now... his growing so fast and I wish I can stop or slow it down a bit... his now saying "mommy do I look cool? I’m like ha? Cool? He says do I look cool wearing these at school? Of course YES... that’s the answer he wants to hear”… WOW his totally my little man... We’re happy that he did turn out to be a good son, brother, cousin, grandson and a friend… that’s what we want him to be... the best he can be… We’re so proud of Dandan the man… 

my little man
Birthday Boy
thanks for his aunts that work hard to gave his b-day cake wish...

thanks for Aunty Mayra for the pics

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Embrace the Camera: 11/4

Pumpkin Patch and Trick or Treating Time…

We have been hearing since October began…”I want to go to the pumpkin patch” “I want to carve a pumpkin” “When is Halloween?”.  That’s what my little man kept asking up until Halloween was actually here. Then the counting down the days began, and making sure he had a great  costume to wear. He couldn’t  decide what he wanted to be this Halloween…but in the end he transformed himself into a Transformer Bumble Bee!

I was so thrilled about his decision because his little sister was to wear a Bumble Bee costume brought to her from my sis/her godmother all the way from the Philippines. This was  Mikah’s 1st trick or treating experience with Kuya Daniel, and they were both so excited to begin pumpkin carving. Luckily, I found a nearby pumpkin patch, and the weather was pretty good. The kids had a blast…and so did the adults. This outing also marked our 1st family pumpkin patch outing, and we might just begin a family tradition of visiting yearly.  

Oh by the way, we didn’t even end up buying a pumpkin to carve… we just brought home the small one that Mikah is holding in the picture… they were far more interested in the rides.

so excited when we got there
Their pumpkins... but only Mikah's pumpkin made it home... hehehe


Time with Daddy and Mommy
Yehey... Family Pic... a guy offer to take our family picture, thanks to him :)

We're all awaiting for... Our Bumble Bee's...

Bumble BEE and Transformer Bumble Bee
My "Double Trouble"

can you tell adults had fun too... :P

kids ready to get out... all glowing for the dark... 
We can't wait for next yr!!!