Thursday, November 11, 2010

Embrace the Camera 11-11: Big 5

Where the time goes...

My little man Daniel turns 5 last Nov. 8... We did gave him a picnic birthday party at Sunday because his birthday landed on Monday... everything turn out great... weather cooperate, wishes been granted and most important family and friends are there... 1st he got his party, 2nd he wants robot, car, plane, rocket, etc. as his cake. He can’t decide what he really want for his cake so we made it as he picture it in his mind… and last but not the least his pillow pet... YES pillow pet… that’s what we end up getting him because his been asking for it for several months... he even want to get one for his little sister right away… “Mommy, Mikah wants pillow pet too”… what a sweet big brother… my baby is not a baby any more... HE is big boy now... his growing so fast and I wish I can stop or slow it down a bit... his now saying "mommy do I look cool? I’m like ha? Cool? He says do I look cool wearing these at school? Of course YES... that’s the answer he wants to hear”… WOW his totally my little man... We’re happy that he did turn out to be a good son, brother, cousin, grandson and a friend… that’s what we want him to be... the best he can be… We’re so proud of Dandan the man… 

my little man
Birthday Boy
thanks for his aunts that work hard to gave his b-day cake wish...

thanks for Aunty Mayra for the pics


  1. those are some incredible looking cupcakes and a sweet looking boy you've got!

  2. your family is stinkin' ADORABLE! what a fun little party too!

  3. Thanks Wendy...

    Laurie... the cupcake is the new activity that me and my sister's getting into... hope to turn out as a business... HIS so sweet that being sweet helping him getting out in his own trouble... hehehe

    Emily... Thanks... :) party planning is my weakness... how stressful it is i do love doing it... :)