Thursday, June 23, 2011

Embrace the camera 6/23

Father's Day Special

I dont know how im going to spend the special day for our Dear One and Only Head of the Family, Michael... he did an amazing job making my special day memorable... Like want i always say to him simple is always the best... and thats the same thing in his mind... we start the day with a brunch in our place with my sis and bro in-law and family... they did spend saturday night to celebrate my 2 boys... congratulating the little guy who finished Kinder and big Guy for Fathers day...

after the brunch had little play/basketball/soccer practice at the parking lot hehehe... its really fun morning for fathers day bonding with the kids... 

by noon we went off the road to be in Daniel's basketball practice... so nice to see the little guy improve in his skills... the most important that his enjoying it as we enjoy seeing him growing... when its all gone... 
Daniel: Daddy im hungry!!! (even his snacking already) LOL... Daddy: Where do you want to go? without waiting for a minute bought of them says JOLLIBEE (a Filipino fast food chain like McDonalds in Norwalk, CA)... little girl say... yehey Jollibee... LOL... so that the next stop for Zeller's hehehe

 Gifts for Daddy
From Mikah... project from daycare... what a cute keychain... :)

Letter from Daniel with drawing of Zeller's family and his friend Eugene :)

 Later the day we received a call from my cousin, inviting us for BBQ dinner at their place... nice to know we celebrate fathers day will all our family and relatives... i dont think you can even ask for more... 

For the finally... FAMILY PICTURE hehehe :)
 kids being silly while im trying to set up the camera... and
Mike's busy playing his video game while all the madness happening hehehe...

Our 2011 Father's Day family picture... Thank you for everything and We love you!!!

HAPPY FATHER's DAY to all!!!


  1. these are such great pictures girl! you have a beautiful family and it looks like fathers day was a BLAST

  2. awww, that was sweet of the preschool to help mika create a card. love it

  3. Thanks Ruth... Its really a long busy day... But cant complain about time. We need all the additional time to make it special for the Big Man!!!

    @Super Lily... Thank u... It was really nice of them... Its was priceless when she run to her Daddy and said... "Here Daddy" and she had it to him with her big smile... All of us just said "Awwww"...