Thursday, June 16, 2011

Embrace the camera 6/16

Legoland Spring Break Adventure

When you heard Lego what is the first thing in your mind? COOL TOY or I played that when i was young... It's the same reaction to adults and kids for years. But now it's not just a toy that you can play by yourself but also a place that whole family can have fun... lots and lots of Lego's... things, place, people, movie or anything that you can imagine will be made out of lego... no other than "LEGOLAND"...

Since Daniel was 3 his been asking us to bring him in Legoland... we never take it serious because we think his to young to enjoy the place... but finally his wish been granted... it was a good reward for doing his best in school and being a good Big Brother to his Sisi... we finally plan it to happen when he has his Spring break... as soon we break the news to the little guy... he start counting days... I bet he will enjoy it and it make it more special for him because he will be with his little sister... its the entire family feel the excitement because this will be the 1st trip of Zeller family in Legoland...

lets the fun begin!!!!

Big Bro leading us to our first destination... to serious that you need to make sure he will not walk over to somebody... finally reach our first stop... can you tell now excited they are to be in their first adventu

build build build... not just toy to build but memories with the kids that can not be broken into pieces...

Hi Bob!!! full pose and smile with Bod :) future models hehehe

FLYING TIME!!! its the 1st ride experience for the little one...  im more nervous than her because she sitting by herself... she cant wait for it... can you see how happy she is... she even cry when we need to go... 

SLIDE SLIDE SLIDE... how cute to see father and son having fun!!!

More pics to follow... oh and 2 trip to LEGOLAND need to be done soon!!!


  1. Oh yay! You posted your images...they look great. :)

  2. Thank u!!! Im trying not missed any more...