Thursday, October 28, 2010

Embrace the Camera 10/28

Better late than never...

So thrilled and excited... this is my second post and loving this project... second attempt at the Embrace the Camera... I really want to be able to capture more of my time with the kids… luckily I woke up at a decent hour today.

I began prepping Daniel for school, then off to take care of myself.  While in the middle of all these things my little one woke up… she’s quite the morning person.  Now it becomes tricky trying to entertain the little one, get Daniel ready, and make sure I’m also put together. The kids had a chance to play while watching the Qubo channel… this was perfect and I decided to that the extra time to embrace the camera with my kids. It’s fun, yet so difficult… you can tell by the images. They did provide a few cute, sad, and funny faces…so not bad, right?

This was one fun busy morning…let’s hope it’s always like this.

Yes we got a good one
My little man Daniel

My early bird Mikah... (Thanks Daniel... what a great shot!)
Can you tell they are My Double Trouble


  1. Oh, you need a comment. Well, those are the most wonderful happy shots. I love those photos. Kids are adorable. Jana

  2. Awww, my favorite image is the last one. Yet, the image of you and Mikah together shows where she gets her eyes. Like mother like daughter. :)

  3. fabulous photos! Great treasures.

  4. Jana @ ur right i do need one for sure ;)

    Super Lily @ my partner in crime... thanks again for the help... the last image is the result for the making faces time lol... sometimes its really amaze me when i saw my face to her... that eyes cant deny that shes my daughter lol...

    Thanks to Mommy Girl and Mall Family ;)